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Ham radio mast

ham radio mast

dip meter - a device used to determine the resonant frequency of an electronic circuit diplexer - A frequency splitting and isolation device. Wish I could as it would help to see the transitions from telegraph to radio usage. Audio and radio wave frequencies are measured in Hertz. Also see modulation Index. Current is a measure of the electron flow through a circuit per unit of time. . Commonly used to indicate "I understand "I coped your transmission (or report) all OK". Repeaters that use unusual separations, such as 1 MHz on 2 m, are sometimes said to have "oddball splits." split - DX stations often operate split - that is transmitting on one frequency and listening at a different frequency or range of frequencies. A feedback voltage in the transmitter's output amplifier used to prevent amplifier overload.

Reading the mail - to listen to a QSO without participating reflector - ( element behind the driven element in an Yagi and some other directional antennas. . ITU - International Telecommunications Union, the body which specifies worldwide guidelines concerning the use of the electromagnetic spectrum for communications purposes. When excessive current passes through the fuse, the metal strip melts and opens and protects the circuit. As far as linear amps go, if you double the input, the output is doubled and. On the 2 metre ham band these frequencies are 600 kilocycles/second (or 600 kilohertz) apart. See URL: Propagation kerchunking - activating a repeater without identifying or modulating the carrier. Pileup - multiple stations calling a DX or contest station PIN Positive-intrinsic-negative (transistor or diode) ping jockey - Slang for meteor-scatter operator pirate - Station using an existing callsign and illegally operating on the air PL - (Repeater Term) Private Line (same as ctcss)- low. Linear - an amplifier used after the transceiver output.

K L, m N, o P, q R, s T, u V,. Modulate - create a radio emission so that it contains information (voice, Morse code, music, binary, ascii)- See URL: Modulation Modes modulation Index - (Repeater Term) the ratio between the maximum carrier frequency deviation and the audio modulating frequency at a given instant. They include aircraft communications, radiotelephone, marine, embassy, and military communications.

Sensitivity - A receivers ability to receive weak signals. Single-pole, single-throw (spst) switch : a switch that only connects one center contact to another contact. Categories mobile Tags 2m, 440, 70cm, 770, Diamond, Hyundai, sedan 2901Leave a 2F3Fp3D2901 February 23, 2017 by John Huggins Antennas shipping with ineffective antenna decoupling are on the rise as manufacturers daringly advocate 1/12 wave radials work. Repeaters listen on one frequency and transmit on another. VFO - Variable Frequency Oscillator velocity factor - the speed at which radio waves travel in a particular feedline, expressed as a percent of the speed of light VHF - Very High Frequency MHz VIS - Vertical Interval Signaling. This term is often incorrectly used in repeater work to describe the sounds heard when the received transmission is noisy and hard to understand, usually attributed to a weak signal and the repeater receiver limiters are not engaged. Categories Antennas Tags AA5TB, Balanis, capacitance, dipole, E-field, efhw, fdtd, Griffith, H-field, high impedance, Kirchhoff, link, link coupling, LNR, Simulation, Terman, voltage 28123 2F3Fp3D2812. See Color Code condenser - Old term for capacitor - basic unit is farads, which is generally too large so usually expressed in microfarads or picofarads. Portable operation oslo bispegrd adresse is away from the home base station. Control operator - (Repeater Term) the Amateur Radio operator designated to "control" the operation of the repeater, as required by FCC regulations. The time limit is set by the repeater owner. You need to have the cards!

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